About Me

Hello! My name is Angie and I’m an aspiring Unicorn. Sadly, I’m just not that interesting.

Currently, I have 2 dog and 2 cats who I love dearly.. but who I not-so-secretly wish would sleep in their own beds sometimes because I’d like to use my blanket occasionally.

I do a lot of different things, but mostly I am a starving artist known for my large colorful pet paintings. I’m not sure what the big deal is.. but people seem to like them. I’m ok with that, since I enjoy food and shelter.

I am also a rabid TV watcher and an aspiring actress ( I currently play a 15-yr-old fangirl on twitter.  </joking> ).  Supernatural ( on the CW ) is all-time my fav show on the telly and I have a Dean Winchester poster over my bed. Not to mention my adoration of all things piña colada and long walks in the rain….

Other than that, I’m just an average girl making my way through the world.. Thanks for checking out my site! #SupportLivingArtists , We Still Need to Eat!

P.S. I’m an old lady of 37, so I understand the consequences of Body Mods & Mohawks. I’m also very very married! (Angie + John = est. 1998 )